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    Thankful for Church Addition Projects!

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    Recent Project: Byron Center Bible Church As Thanksgiving draws near, we want to acknowledge how grateful we are for the opportunities to provide our services to vibrant church communities in the Midwest. Executive Design & Engineering Inc. recently partnered with JWK Construction, a well-respected commercial and residential construction company, to complete a sanctuary addition and…

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    LED Lighting Helps Churches Do More with Less

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    The website Church Production recently published an article that asserts that LED Lighting has completely arrived. No longer considered an emerging technology; this technology is fully emerged. The article includes references from several lighting manufacturers that report LED lighting options are getting brighter, smaller, and less expensive as technology improves. Dean Rockwell, our founder, agrees.…

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    Solving Small Church Tech Challenges

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    We’ve written a few blogs about how churches are using technology in Get the Message Out and Overall Trends in House of Worship Design. Yet we often hear from our friends at small churches that they feel left out of the conversation because the big churches have bigger needs and naturally use more technology. We…

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    Next Level Conference Rooms

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    Be honest. Does technology make your meetings more efficient or does it create stress because it never seems to work right? Too often, we find that companies aren’t getting what they need from their meeting spaces: dependable, easy-to-use technology that make meetings more productive. Considering that professionals spend up to 31 hours per month in…

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    Getting the Message Out in Modern Houses of Worship

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    This is the time of year when many churches and houses of worship attract many existing and new congregants with special messages and programs to celebrate the season. How is your church doing getting the message across? Are you growing quickly or seeking to add members? In an article called “How to Reach and Engage…

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    Acoustics in Space Planning

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    One of the many considerations in designing or retrofitting existing performance hall space is that of acoustics. Many of us have only rarely thought about this topic, but we have surely enjoyed a musical performance onstage at some point in our lives. The sound almost seems to take hold of you beyond just what you…

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    Corporate Security – Making Sense of Analog Versus IP Surveillance

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    Here at Executive Design & Engineering, we have a lot of experience helping clients make good decisions. Selecting the most appropriate corporate security system requires careful review of current needs and future needs. Although IP has been around many years, there are still plenty of analog systems out there. There are very detailed articles explaining…

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    Exciting Trends in House of Worship Design

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    It’s no secret that attending church, for many, is not the same experience it was in the not-too-distant past. From the buildings themselves to the format of the service, and the fact that there is now often a coffee bar available, houses of worship are embracing changes large and small.  A recent worship trends article…

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    Surveillance Systems for Small Business

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    Many small business owners acknowledge that surveillance systems are necessary for certain environments, for crime control and public safety reasons, but don’t believe that they need it for their businesses. However, there are many reasons why video surveillance is just good business for any organization that employs and otherwise provides goods or services to human…

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    New Facility Construction Considerations

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    Big construction projects are exciting! From commercial buildings to community auditoriums, from school buildings to worship centers, we have worked with them all and expect to be busy this year. In fact, our whole industry should be busier. Construction Executive’s 2016 Economic Outlook reports highway and street-related construction increased 10 percent during the past year,…

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