Steven Walker

    Principal Engineer

    As well as being a veteran research & development engineer and manager, Steven has achieved his A.I.A. and A.S.A. status in architecture and acoustics as related to auditorium, theater and performance space design. JBL Professional honored him with the James B. Lansing Award in 2001 for outstanding service to the industry and over the years he has been published and led several industry related seminars.

    Steve founded Audio Designs Multimedia in 1990 after following several requests for system designs, fabrication and acoustic analysis. In 2007 AD was sold to SPL Integrated Solutions and Steven became Director of the House of Worship and Performance Division for SPL and later for the newly formed AVI-SPL company until leaving in 2009 to get back to his first love of designing and engineering, leading to the formation of Harbor Technology and Acoustics in March of 2009.

    In 2013 Steve assumed responsibility for oversight and management of sales, engineering, project management, systems commissioning, and vendor selection for Executive Design & Engineering.